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Weddings in Puglia, Italy

In southern Italy, in the famous “heel of the Italian boot”, we find a land full of art, history and nature: Puglia or Apulia is the land of sun and hospitality, where centuries of history and wonderful landscapes make this region the perfect place for your destination wedding in Italy.

Puglia keeps its traditions alive, thus offering the pure essence of Italy.
If you want to live a unique experience in this beautiful country, with its cities full of history, its culture and its gastronomy, this region will be the perfect location for your big day.
A land characterized by the crystalline blue of its sea, and where more than 800 kilometers of coastline, fine sandy beaches alternate with beautiful cliffs, creating unique and idyllic scenery.
But Puglia is also the charm of its inland villages, where you can stroll through its small stone streets, and discover its ancient churches and palaces that tell the history of this land.
Unique villages such as Alberobello, captivate the attention of any visitor, with its ancient cone-shaped houses that create a truly unique setting.
Puglia’s gastronomy is another reason why everyone falls in love with this region in southern Italy. The use of local products such as vegetables, wheat, olive oil, fresh fish and meat creates unique dishes of excellent quality.
For wine lovers, this region produces in its vineyards distributed throughout the region, a wide variety of red and white wines, known throughout the world.

Puglia Wedding Venues

For a destination wedding in southern Italy, the “masseria” is the perfect venue to live a unique experience and to host multi day events.
The “masserias” are ancient houses built between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries, with the typical stone of the Salento region, which gives a warm and bright color to these rural houses.
Many of these masserias have been turned into luxury hotels, restaurants and elegant facilities surrounded by olive and fruit trees.
These wonderful venues could be the perfect setting for a wedding in southern Italy. And being places that in addition to accommodation, have different spaces, you could celebrate events of two or three days, to offer your guests a unique experience and where to live the true essence of Puglia.
But in this region we also have elegant and historic palaces where you can celebrate a wedding in the purest Italian style.
Puglia wedding venues is the perfect setting for an unforgettable wedding and where to live unique moments with your family and friends.

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