Destination wedding in southern Italy: Salento, a jewel between two seas

If you are thinking of organizing your destination wedding in southern Italy, today we tell you what you can do during your stay in Puglia, and especially in the area of Salento.

When you decide to get married in another country it’s very important to see what that place can offer to all the guests on your big day.

Visiting cities and monuments and enjoying their traditions and culture, will make their stay unforgettable and unique.

So after some posts about the region of Puglia, today we will walk along the Salento, the “land of the sea, the sun and the wind”.

The Salento is an area of the Puglia region, that extends in the southern part between the Ionian Sea and the Adriatic Sea. It is one of the most beautiful areas of Italy, where colors, flavors and millenary cultures, merge creating a beautiful land full of history.

Its architectural landscape is characterized by white houses typical of the Mediterranean, and by the “masseria”, rural buildings built in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.



In this land, called in antiquity “Messapia”- meaning “land between two seas” – is the city of Lecce, known as the “Florence of Southern Italy”.

boda de destino en el sur de Italia

Its ancient Messapians origins and the archaeological remains of Roman domination, are mixed with the richness and exuberance of the Baroque churches and palaces of the center. Its style and the use of the local stone,  a type of limestone of a wam color, characeterized this city in such an original way that it was called Baroque “leccese”.

boda de destino en el sur de Italia

The entire historic center of the city is a gem that you can discover by walking through its streets and squares. Churches such as “Santa Croce” or the “Duomo”with its bell tower, squares and stately palaces, are of extraordinary beauty, the result of centuries of history and domination.

destination wedding in southern Italy



Further south of the Salento, we find the easternmost city of Italy, Otranto. A magical land that tells history and legends through its monuments and its old town.

The cathedral has an amazing mosaic of the Tree of Life made between 1163 and 1165, in addition to the remains of the 800 martyrs who were massacred during the Turkish siege in 1480.

boda de destino en el sur de Italia

You cannot miss a visit to the castle and a walk through the alleys of the old town, savoring the essence of this city, bridge between the Mediterranean and the East.

boda de destino en el sur de Italia

On the other side of the Salento, on the coast of the Ionian Sea, is Gallipoli, another of the most important tourist towns in the area, thanks to its coast and the historic center, full of numerous Baroque style monuments.

boda de destino en el sur de Italia

Undoubtedly, the Salento with its beauty, its history and its traditions, makes fall in love with its authenticity, the quality of life and the climate.

A stay in Salento means long days of beach, dinners with fish on the terraces full of flowers, walks through the narrow streets of the old towns, and popular festivals where you can enjoy the gastronomy and traditional music of the area.

Choosing the Salento for your destination wedding is to live the true essence of southern Italy.






Elopements on the coast of Puglia: between beaches and dreamy cliffs

If you dream of an intimate ceremony in unique settings as a backdrop, don’t miss this article where I give you more ideas for elopements on the coast of Puglia.


Crystal clear waters, golden sandy beaches and white cliffs, create a unique landscape and a coast desired by many tourists in this hidden part of Italy, Puglia.

The “heel of the boot” offers idyllic beaches such as the famous Pescoluse, also known as the “Maldives of Salento”, with beaches of fine white sand, and clean waters that lean out the Ionian Sea.

elopements en la costa de Apulia

These beaches alternate beautiful cliffs, like those found in Castro, where caves and coves with an intense blue, leave us breathless.

elopements on the coast of Puglia

Going up the coast that overlooks the Adriatic Sea, we find one of the most well-known and most photographed places, Polignano a Mare. A village located on cliffs and that creates a unique and beautiful landscape.

elopements en la costa de Apulia


Further north of Puglia, there is the Gargano, a massif that forms the so-called “sperone d’Italia”.

Its territory is characterized by forest areas with abundant pine forests, mountain landscapes, an amazing coast with white limestone cliffs, sea caves, sandy beaches and villages that overlook the sea.

elopements en la costa de Apulia

In this area there is one of the most well-known and most visited shrines by tourists and pilgrims all over the world, the sanctuary of Monte Sant’Angelo, related to the apparitions of the archangel Michael.

The villages of Gargano preserve the ancient medieval characteristics of the agricultural villages of the inland areas, and the seafaring villages of the coast.

Charming villages and an amazing coastline, give unique settings that make this place a small paradise between land, sea, nature and culture.


And amid so much beauty, how about an intimate ceremony, just the two of you, a sunset with the crystal clear sea in the background on a cliff and surrounded by nature?

The coast of Puglia offers stunning settings for a dreamy elopement.

You can choose this authentic place in southern Italy for a romantic getaway and to celebrate your love in an idyllic place. And of course, take advantage of your trip for a honeymoon, touring all corners of this region, a hidden treasure in southern Italy.




Puglia: an explosion of flavors, history and traditions

Puglia is a combination of art, history and nature. It is the land of the sun and hospitality, where centuries of history and wonderful landscapes make this region, the perfect place for unforgettable and unique destination weddings.

The Ionian Sea and the Adriatic embrace this land, creating a coast where cliffs overlook the crystal clear waters alternate to fine sandy beaches.

bodas de destino en Apulia


In the inland of this region, olive trees and vineyards are the protagonists of its landscape.



Many civilizations have passed through this land: from the ancient Greeks to the Romans, Byzantines and Normans. Witnesses to the passage of these civilizations are archaeological excavations and artistic and architectural treasures such as menhir, rock churches, medieval castles, Baroque cathedrals, noble palaces, art cities and country houses.



bodas de destino en Apulia

In Puglia, past and present coexist thanks to the popular and religious traditions that continue to be present in daily life. Religious traditions include festivities and celebrations for patron saints, some of them internationally famous.

Popular dance, the pizzica, is another element very present in the culture and traditions of this region, in the popular festivals and fairs dedicated exclusively to this dance. The pizzica is not a simple popular dance, but has been the object of study by anthropologists and ethnomusicologists, since it is said that it originates from a social problem of lower class women. Today it is a dance that transmits joy and fun, filling the squares of amateurs and curious tourists and lovers of this music.

bodas de destino en Apulia



But the popular traditions are also linked to gastronomy. Many fairs revolve around some typical dish or product of this land: Olives, snails, wine, fish, homemade pasta, etc. Throughout the year there is a large calendar of these festivals dedicated to the enogastronomy of the region.

Talking about Puglia undoubtedly means talking about rich and varied gastronomy.

The secret is in the high quality products used in each recipe. From olive oil to pasta and best known wines such as Primitivo and Negramaro.

There are many fish recipes. But the interior of the region also offers excellent quality meats and delicious cheeses.

You can try any of the most typical dishes of this land in one of the “sagra” (popular festivals) that are celebrated in many villages and throughout the year, but which are mainly concetrated in the summer months.


The well-known “heel of Italy’s boot” offers unique venues for destination weddings in Puglia. You can live unforgettable moments for your big day and offer your guests an experience that includes the flavors, colors, tradition and beauty of this land.

After this brief introduction to the magical region of Puglia, in the coming weeks I will tell you more about its beauty and the typical venues for exclusive weddings and with Mediterranean air.




A tour of the provinces of Andalusia: destination weddings in Jaén

Surrounded by olive trees that characterize it so much, the province of Jaén is much more than that. And today we tell you on our tour of the provinces of Andalusia and to give you more ideas about your destination wedding in Jaén and surroundings.


Every time we talk about Andalusia, we think about the Arab influence that is present in its architecture and in many other aspects such as gastronomy. But when you visit the province of Jaén, you realize another facet of this region. Cities like Úbeda and Baeza, a world heritage site, are the two jewels of the Spanish Renaissance.

Strolling through its cobblestone streets, we enter the monumental richness of these cities. Its beautiful palaces and churches take us to the splendour of the Renaissance.

If to all this we add an amazing natural environment like the Natural Park of the Sierra de Cazorla, then the visit to this province is essential.

You can organize excursions to admire the beauty of its landscapes, and visit castles and ruins that you find in many villages of this province.

destination wedding in Jaén


The gastronomy of Jaén and its surroundings, is very varied thanks also to the products offered by this land.

Definitely taste the olive oil of this province is the first thing you have to do. This area offers the best oil quality in all of Europe.

But you should also keep in mind that its gastronomy is influenced by the two regions that surround it: Castilla la Mancha and Andalusia, to which it belongs.

So you can try products like cured ham and other pork cold meat.

Other typical dishes are migas, pipirrana and ajoblanco.


Imagine getting married in a stately palace or in a castle surrounded by olive trees that transport you to other times…

This is what happens if you choose the province of Jaén for your destination wedding in Andalusia. Between so much beauty and the story that each space tells, you can have a fairytale wedding and make it unforgettable for you and your guests.

Stunning 16th century palaces or fortresses built on a hill overlooking the city, or small castles jewel of the Spanish Renaissance, may be the perfect choice for a unique wedding.

destination weddings in Jaén

How about a beautiful Renaissance patio for an intimate ceremony and then a dinner on one of the terraces overlooking the green of the olive trees that so characterize this province?

destination weddings in Jaén

destination weddings in Jaén

This is just an idea, but the province of Jaén offers much more and you only have to choose it to discover all its beauty.

In the next post we will finish our tour discovering the province of Málaga and its ideal venues for your destination wedding in Andalusia.


PHOTOGRAPHER:  La Coleccionista / Doncel y Alcoba



A tour of the provinces of Andalusia: destination weddings in Granada

Today we stroll through the streets of what was the last Nasrid kingdom, through its smell of spices, the charm of its old neighborhoods and the majesty of the Alhambra. And to discover places full of magic, perfect for your destination weddings in Granada.


The neighborhoods of Albaycín, Sacromonte and Realejo, represent the essence and the enchantment of this city.

Getting lost walking through its streets, discovering beautiful corners and small squares that appear suddenly, and contemplating the Alhambra from a viewpoint, are just some of the pleasures that Granada offers its visitors.

boda de destino en Granada

In the center of the city we find the symbol of the Christianity of Granada, the Cathedral, built just after the conquest of the city by the Catholic Kings.

Although the initial project was Gothic in style, the new architect Diego de Siloé resumed the construction by modifying the previous idea and creating a fully Renaissance temple.

The Royal Chapel, located right next to the Cathedral, is Gothic style and was built on what was the old main mosque in the city.

The Catholic Kings commissioned its construction as their burial place, demonstrating their special bond with this city. Inside are the remains of Ferdinand of Aragon, Isabella I of Castile, Joanna the Mad, and Philip the Handsome.

Another place to visit during your stay in Granada, is without a doubt La Cartuja, symbol of Spanish Baroque arcitecture.

The Abbey of Sacromonte is an ancient abbey built at the end of the 16th century, after the remains of some martyrs were found and among them those of St. Cecilius. This place can be visited with the holy caves, located below the church.

Visiting Granada means an essential visit to one of the most visited monuments in Spain, the Alhambra. This set of palaces and gardens was built on a hill and began to be royal residence in the mid-13th century. To this fortress, the construction of the palace of Charles V was added after the conquest of the last Nasrid kingdom by the Catholic Kings.

The reddish color of its walls, its strategic position in front of the Albaycín neighborhood, its history and its impressive architecture, make this monument a special place that falls in love with any visitor.

boda de destino en Granada


The gastronomy of Granada is a mixture of Arab and Christian influence. The use of spices combined with the typical products of this province, create a varied and very tasty cuisine.

Typical dishes include habas con jamón, tortilla del Sacromontepapas a lo pobre and olla de San Antón.

During your visit in this city you can taste the piononos, a dessert created in honor of Pope Pius IX, and famous all over the world.



Venues with amazing views of the Alhambra, can be the perfect setting for your destination weddings in Granada.

The beauty of this fortress as a background and a sunset of reddish colors can witness your “I do”, creating unforgettable moments for the couple and their guests.

Some of these venues represent the essence of neighborhoods such as Sacromonte, with its characteristic caves and terraces that offer the best views of the Alhambra and the city.

boda de destino en Granada

Others, with their gardens and fountains that take us to the Nasrid Granada, offer beautiful views of the Albaycín and the Alhambra, and where you can celebrate weddings in a more elegant style, but always in a typical context of this city.

destination wedding in Granada

A destination wedding in Granada means creating unforgettable memories in a city with enchantment and magic.

In the next few weeks we will continue our route through other provinces of Andalusia.


PHOTOGRAPHER: Francisco Montes Jiménez / La Coleccionista / Doncel y Alcoba


A tour of the provinces of Andalusia: destination weddings in Seville

Today we start a series of posts dedicated to some provinces of Andalusia, in which we talk about their beauty, their history, the most characteristic venues to marry and their gastronomy, so that when choosing the destination for your wedding, you have a range of beautiful options.

Today we talk about the province of Seville, and in the coming weeks, we will continue with Granada, Jaén and Málaga.

The beauty and charm of Seville is evident. Its colors and essence are perceived as soon as you reach the Andalusian capital.


This city offers a large number of monuments through which you can get to the heart of its history and know the different civilizations that lived the city and left their mark on architecture, traditions and gastronomy.

The Cathedral, for example, is the largest Gothic catedral in the world, and is complemented by the Giralda, the Capilla Real and Patio de los Naranjos.

The Giralda that is a bell tower, is an example of the influence of different cultures and styles: Arabic, Christian and the renaissance style.

Another emblematic place of this city is undoubtedly the Real Alcázar. Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987, this royal palace was built by the Arabs who used the fortresses as their residences.

It consists of several buildings from different periods and is a perfect blend of Arab and Christian art.

destination weddings in Seville

Another symbol of Seville is the Plaza de España. A unique palace-square in the world. Its shape, its proportions, the canal that extends along the perimeter of the square and the tiled benches representing the provinces of Spain, make this monument a unique and special place for Spanish people and tourists who come from anywhere in the world.

It would take more posts that talk about everything you can find in this magical city and what you can do during your stay. From a walk on the banks of the Guadalquivir to visiting the most authentic neighborhood of Seville, Triana.

But we leave you just a few ideas so that you can start discovering this city and its lifestyle.


Choosing Seville as your destination for your wedding, means offering your guests a typical southern Spanish dining experience.

Indeed, being the capital of Andalusia, Seville collects a great variety of the traditional dishes of all the Andalusian provinces and also using the most typical products of this area. From pork to its legume and vegetables used for the famous Andalusian gazpacho.


If you are going to choose Seville and its province for your destination wedding in Spain, you will definitely find charming venues that will transmit the true essence of southern Spain.

If you are looking for venues in the center of the city, there are beautiful places with a lot of history where you can organize your wedding. I always recommend that they be charming venues and that best reflect the concept and style of your wedding.

Stately manors of the 19th century, or palaces of Italian-Mudejar Renaissance style, can be the perfect setting for a wedding in the center of Seville.

Another advantage of choosing a venue in the city center, is the ease for your guests to go from their accomodations to the event venue, without having to rent buses and set fixed schedules for their return.

But if you are looking for some venue outside the city where you can live the true essence of Andalusia, you can definitely choose from many Haciendas. These big estates that began to spread between the 14th and 16th century, following the social idea of the “nostalgia of the countryside” typical of the transition to the Renaissance, became big buildings whose main activity was the production of oil. The Hacienda are made up of different houses, the stately, the homes of staff who worked daily in the building and the set of agricultural constructions.

destination weddings in Seville

Without a doubt, entering one of these spaces, i show to travel to another time… The warm colors of these buildings,  their patio and their characteristic facades make each of them a perfect venue for your wedding day.

In addition to the beauty and uniqueness of the venue, the Haciendas do not usually have sound restrictions, as many of them do not have neighbors or homes around them.

A wedding in a Sevillian Hacienda is a unique experience for all your guests who in a single day, will live your wedding with the 5 senses: from its beauty, its gastronomy and even the sound of a flamenco guitar enlivening dinner in an illuminated patio with candles…

We will continue our tour of the provinces of Andalusia in the coming weeks to give more ideas for your destination weddings in south of Spain.




Elopement in Spain and Italy

Tips for healthy hair and ready for the big day

When we set the date of the wedding, we always think of having long and healthy hair so that we can see more beautiful on our big day. This requires the help and advice of professionals who prepare the hair in the months before the wedding.

Among them today I present a great professional, friendly and always on trend with the hairstyle of brides and guests, who will leave us some tips to have healthy hair and ready for the big day.

I met Lola Cabezas at a destination wedding that I organized in a beautiful and pretty castle in a small village in the province of Jaén.

Her style is modern and at the same time elegant and always respecting the personality of her clients.

Lola tells us all the steps that need to be made so that the hair can be ready for the hairstyle of the big day.

 “To have a radiant hair with shine and a perfect color, you have to do a hydration treatment and a cutting of tips. To give more luminosity to the face, it is always advisable to put some reflections that help to soften the factions”.

“Dry and frizzy hair, need hydration treatment, and if it is dull a keratin treatment will give it life and luminosity again”.

As for the type of hairstyle for the day of the wedding, Lola always recommends previous trials to be able to choose the most appropriate, respecting the personality of the bride and always in harmony with the dress.

You can choose a fashionable updo but it is always advisable for the bride to feel comfortable. That’s why the previous contact with the professional is very important, so that he/she can perfectly capture the needs and tastes of his/her client.

If you want to see her work you can visit her Instagram profile Lola Cabezas Hairstyle.

You can also see her collaboration in the last inspirational styled shoot made in the ruins of the church of Santo Domingo de la Iruela.


Photography: Doncel y Alcoba / Lidia Clemente 


Tips for treatments and Bridal Makeup

In this month of January, we will have 3 special guests in our blog: Makeup professionals, hairdressers and experts in the latest trends in wedding dresses

Today we start with a great professional, close to her clients and always attentive to the needs of each one of them.

Merche Gijón is a specialist in integral esthetics with a long trajectory, and always on trend, participating each year in courses of improvement.  She also works in teaching at an academy of aesthetics and hairdressing in Granada.

consejos maquillaje de novia

I asked her what are the steps that all brides should follow before their wedding.

 “Many brides think makeup is the most important thing for their wedding day. But they are not aware that having the skin ready and in top condition, makes the work of make-up professionals easier. Good higiene and various treatment sessions will leave the skin with less blemishes and ready for the big day. The type of treatment the skin needs depends on the age and habits of each bride”.

 “Our star treatment for brides is called SOIN FUNDAMENTAL DE LUMIÈRE. It is an illuminating treatment of Thalgo, the natural cosmetics line with which we work. It is a “light” care par excellence, that magnifies the glare and reveals the beauty of the subdued and tired cutis”.

 “The secret of its efficacy: its mask and extract are penetrated into the skin through virtual mesotherapy. You get a velvety skin 80% and 100% more luminous”.

When I ask her what advice she gives to the brides and what are the new trends in makeup, Merche is very clear…”You have to be very careful about the trends, because they don’t always fit everyone. The most important thing is that the bride feels comfortable, be herself and look pretty”.

consejos maquillaje de novia

If you want to see the work of this great professional, you can visit her Facebook page Mg centro médico-estético.

And if you are in the vicinity of Granada and need her services, you can ask for an appointment by calling 858 12 03 86.

In the next post, more advice from professionals of the wedding industry!




Ideas and tips for a Christmas wedding

If you have always dreamed of a wedding in December, in a venue with chimney, lights, candles and a very Christmas decoration, here I give you some ideas and tips for a Christmas wedding.


It would be ideal to make the banquet in some room of an historic mansion or a castle, with big chimneys that can be left on for the occasion, creating a very romantic atmosphere.

Christmas wedding venues



Without a doubt, a Christmas decoration will give the magic touch to the wedding.

A big Christmas tree in some corner of the reception hall, will be a must.

bodas en Navidad

Use elements like moss, candles and garlands of lights. And a color palette that includes shades of marsala and green, will create an unforgettable atmosphere for you and your guests.

bodas en Navidad

bodas en Navidad

Don’t forget to decorate the chimneys!

Garlands of greens and candles will give a spectacular touch to the space.

bodas en Navidad



When choosing the menu, you can ask your caterer to add a typical Christmas dish. And for the snack during the open bar, what better choice than cups of hot chocolate with churros?

bodas en Navidad



A wedding dress with long sleeves and velvet details, are ideal for the Christmas season.

Your bouquet may have velvet ribbons that can go in combination with the colored shoes of the same fabric.

bodas en Navidad


A romantic and fairytale wedding, which will bring together all those important people for you and your partner, in a very special time like Christmas.

Would you like to get married in the magical month of December?


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