A tour of the provinces of Andalusia: destination weddings in Jaén

Surrounded by olive trees that characterize it so much, the province of Jaén is much more than that. And today we tell you on our tour of the provinces of Andalusia and to give you more ideas about your destination wedding in Jaén and surroundings.


Every time we talk about Andalusia, we think about the Arab influence that is present in its architecture and in many other aspects such as gastronomy. But when you visit the province of Jaén, you realize another facet of this region. Cities like Úbeda and Baeza, a world heritage site, are the two jewels of the Spanish Renaissance.

Strolling through its cobblestone streets, we enter the monumental richness of these cities. Its beautiful palaces and churches take us to the splendour of the Renaissance.

If to all this we add an amazing natural environment like the Natural Park of the Sierra de Cazorla, then the visit to this province is essential.

You can organize excursions to admire the beauty of its landscapes, and visit castles and ruins that you find in many villages of this province.

destination wedding in Jaén


The gastronomy of Jaén and its surroundings, is very varied thanks also to the products offered by this land.

Definitely taste the olive oil of this province is the first thing you have to do. This area offers the best oil quality in all of Europe.

But you should also keep in mind that its gastronomy is influenced by the two regions that surround it: Castilla la Mancha and Andalusia, to which it belongs.

So you can try products like cured ham and other pork cold meat.

Other typical dishes are migas, pipirrana and ajoblanco.


Imagine getting married in a stately palace or in a castle surrounded by olive trees that transport you to other times…

This is what happens if you choose the province of Jaén for your destination wedding in Andalusia. Between so much beauty and the story that each space tells, you can have a fairytale wedding and make it unforgettable for you and your guests.

Stunning 16th century palaces or fortresses built on a hill overlooking the city, or small castles jewel of the Spanish Renaissance, may be the perfect choice for a unique wedding.

destination weddings in Jaén

How about a beautiful Renaissance patio for an intimate ceremony and then a dinner on one of the terraces overlooking the green of the olive trees that so characterize this province?

destination weddings in Jaén

destination weddings in Jaén

This is just an idea, but the province of Jaén offers much more and you only have to choose it to discover all its beauty.

In the next post we will finish our tour discovering the province of Málaga and its ideal venues for your destination wedding in Andalusia.


PHOTOGRAPHER:  La Coleccionista / Doncel y Alcoba



The wedding receptions. Tradition or a big party?

More and more I receive requests from couples who dream of informal weddings and in a relaxed atmosphere.  Most of them come from abroad with the desire to have a wedding in the South of Spain, gathering friends and family at a big party.

A new concept that sees the wedding day as a meeting without much protocol and more relaxed.

So everything changes…Symbolic ceremonies in which emotions, laughter, readings of anecdotes of friends and family, and rituals that represent the union of love, predominate.

And also the banquets are revolutionized!

The traditional wedding that begins with a welcome drink, dinner and ends with dancing and open bar, makes way for a cocktail reception with appetizers and snacks, or a buffet with different food stations that also decorate the space with appetizing tables of cheese, fried fish, breads, and a long etcetera.

bodas informales

bodas informales

In this kind of weddings is very common the show cooking, so paellas, sushi, mexican food and much more, can be cooked at the moment and can be part of this environment more relaxed and with less formalities.

Informal weddings allow guests to interact with each other in a more familiar environment.

What kind of wedding receptions do you prefer? Do you prefer the traditional banquet or an informal party?


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Tips for healthy hair and ready for the big day

When we set the date of the wedding, we always think of having long and healthy hair so that we can see more beautiful on our big day. This requires the help and advice of professionals who prepare the hair in the months before the wedding.

Among them today I present a great professional, friendly and always on trend with the hairstyle of brides and guests, who will leave us some tips to have healthy hair and ready for the big day.

I met Lola Cabezas at a destination wedding that I organized in a beautiful and pretty castle in a small village in the province of Jaén.

Her style is modern and at the same time elegant and always respecting the personality of her clients.

Lola tells us all the steps that need to be made so that the hair can be ready for the hairstyle of the big day.

 “To have a radiant hair with shine and a perfect color, you have to do a hydration treatment and a cutting of tips. To give more luminosity to the face, it is always advisable to put some reflections that help to soften the factions”.

“Dry and frizzy hair, need hydration treatment, and if it is dull a keratin treatment will give it life and luminosity again”.

As for the type of hairstyle for the day of the wedding, Lola always recommends previous trials to be able to choose the most appropriate, respecting the personality of the bride and always in harmony with the dress.

You can choose a fashionable updo but it is always advisable for the bride to feel comfortable. That’s why the previous contact with the professional is very important, so that he/she can perfectly capture the needs and tastes of his/her client.

If you want to see her work you can visit her Instagram profile Lola Cabezas Hairstyle.

You can also see her collaboration in the last inspirational styled shoot made in the ruins of the church of Santo Domingo de la Iruela.


Photography: Doncel y Alcoba / Lidia Clemente 


Ideas and tips for a Christmas wedding

If you have always dreamed of a wedding in December, in a venue with chimney, lights, candles and a very Christmas decoration, here I give you some ideas and tips for a Christmas wedding.


It would be ideal to make the banquet in some room of an historic mansion or a castle, with big chimneys that can be left on for the occasion, creating a very romantic atmosphere.

Christmas wedding venues



Without a doubt, a Christmas decoration will give the magic touch to the wedding.

A big Christmas tree in some corner of the reception hall, will be a must.

bodas en Navidad

Use elements like moss, candles and garlands of lights. And a color palette that includes shades of marsala and green, will create an unforgettable atmosphere for you and your guests.

bodas en Navidad

bodas en Navidad

Don’t forget to decorate the chimneys!

Garlands of greens and candles will give a spectacular touch to the space.

bodas en Navidad



When choosing the menu, you can ask your caterer to add a typical Christmas dish. And for the snack during the open bar, what better choice than cups of hot chocolate with churros?

bodas en Navidad



A wedding dress with long sleeves and velvet details, are ideal for the Christmas season.

Your bouquet may have velvet ribbons that can go in combination with the colored shoes of the same fabric.

bodas en Navidad


A romantic and fairytale wedding, which will bring together all those important people for you and your partner, in a very special time like Christmas.

Would you like to get married in the magical month of December?


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All you need to know about bridesmaids

Have you ever thought of having bridesmaids for your wedding but you don’t know exactly how many they should be, how they should dress, and what roles they have?

Read on, because I tell you everything in this post!


The bridesmaids are a group of friends, cousins or sisters who are part of the bridal courtship. At the ceremony they make their entrance before the bride who will arrive accompanied by the best man.

The bride can choose how many bridesmaids will accompany her on her big day. There is no set number. The most important thing is to choose the people she considers closest and special to her.



Bridesmaids can help the bride in choosing her dress, accompanied on the tests and advising.

They are also in charge of organizing the Bachelorette party, but the most important thing is that they will be accompanying the bride on her big day from the preparations to the end.

If there are several bridesmaids, it is always advisable to have one that takes care of coordinating the rest of the group.

During the ceremony they can help the bride to place the veil, and can also help to give the favours to the guests.



The bride usually chooses the dresses of her bridesmaids, but always consulting with them so that they all feel comfortable with the chosen model and color.

It is not necessary that the model is the same for all of them. They can choose the same color and style, but each one will wear the dress cut that suits them best.

You can also give the bridesmaids general instructions to match the style of the wedding and the color palette used.

The same with the hairstyle: you can advise that all wear the hair up or loose, but each one choose the model that she likes.


But the most important thing is that you enjoy the time you will spend with your bridesmaids in the days before the wedding and also during the big day.




Textos y poemas para leer en la ceremonia civil


Hoy os dejo una selección de textos y poemas para leer en la ceremonia civil

Hoy en día las bodas civiles han dejado de ser una simple firma ante un juzgado en una habitación fría y sin ningún ritual, para convertirse en un momento emotivo y lleno de sentimiento gracias a los lugares que los novios eligen para la celebración, gracias a la decoración, los simbolismos y los discursos de padres y amigos.

Para que vuestra ceremonia tenga un toque romántico y especial podéis elegir algunos textos y poemas que algunos invitados o los mismos novios pueden leer durante el rito civil.

Para personalizar el texto elegido, podéis escribir una pequeña introducción que cuente anécdotas o historias relacionadas con la pareja.

¡Espero os gusten!


20 Poemas de amor y una canción desesperada, de Pablo Neruda

Poema 12

Para mi corazón basta tu pecho,
para tu libertad bastan mis alas.
Desde mi boca llegará hasta el cielo
lo que estaba dormido sobre tu alma.
Es en ti la ilusión de cada día.
Llegas como el rocío a las corolas.
Socavas el horizonte con tu ausencia.
Eternamente en fuga como la ola.
He dicho que cantabas en el viento
como los pinos y como los mástiles.
Como ellos eres alta y taciturna.
Y entristeces de pronto como un viaje.
Acogedora como un viejo camino.
Te pueblan ecos y voces nostálgicas.
Yo desperté y a veces emigran y huyen
pájaros que dormían en tu alma.




Cuando por fin se encuentran dos almas, de Victor Hugo

Cuando por fin se encuentran dos almas,
Que durante tanto tiempo se han buscado una a otra entre el gentío,
Cuando advierten que son parejas,
Que se comprenden y corresponden,
En una palabra, que son semejantes,
surge entonces para siempre una unión vehemente y pura como ellas mismas,
una unión que comienza en la tierra y perdura en el cielo.
Esa unión es amor,
amor auténtico, como en verdad muy pocos hombres pueden concebir,
amor que es una religión,
Que deifica al ser amado cuya vida emana
Del fervor y de la pasión y para el que los sacrificios
Más grandes son los gozos más dulces.


La leyenda del hilo rojo

Cuenta una leyenda oriental que las personas destinadas a conocerse tienen un hilo rojo atado en sus dedos. Este hilo nunca desaparece y permanece constantemente atado, a pesar del tiempo y la distancia. No importa lo que tardes en conocer a esa persona, ni importa el tiempo que pases sin verla, ni siquiera importa si vives en la otra punta del mundo: el hilo se estirará hasta el infinito pero nunca se romperá.

Este hilo lleva contigo desde tu nacimiento y te acompañará, tensado en mayor o menor medida, más o menos enredado, a lo largo de toda tu vida. Así es que, el Abuelo de la Luna, cada noche sale a conocer a los recién nacidos y a atarles un hilo rojo a su dedo, un hilo que decidirá su futuro, un hilo que guiará estas almas para que nunca se pierdan…La leyenda versa así:

“Hace mucho mucho tiempo, un emperador se enteró de que en una de las provincias de su reino vivía una bruja muy poderosa, quien tenía la capacidad de poder ver el hilo rojo del destino y la mandó traer ante su presencia. Cuando la bruja llegó, el emperador le ordenó que buscara el otro extremo del hilo que llevaba atado al meñique y lo llevara ante la que sería su esposa. La bruja accedió a esta petición y comenzó a seguir y seguir el hilo. Esta búsqueda los llevó hasta un mercado, en donde una pobre campesina con una bebé en los brazos ofrecía sus productos. Al llegar hasta donde estaba esta campesina, se detuvo frente a ella y la invitó a ponerse de pie. Hizo que el joven emperador se acercara y le dijo: «Aquí termina tu hilo», pero al escuchar esto el emperador enfureció, creyendo que era una burla de la bruja, empujó a la campesina que aún llevaba a su pequeña bebé en brazos y la hizo caer, haciendo que la bebé se hiciera una gran herida en la frente, ordenó a sus guardias que detuvieran a la bruja y le cortaran la cabeza.

Muchos años después, llegó el momento en que este emperador debía casarse y su corte le recomendó que lo mejor era que desposara a la hija de un general muy poderoso. Aceptó y llegó el día de la boda. Y en el momento de ver por primera vez la cara de su esposa, la cual entró al templo con un hermoso vestido y un velo que la cubría totalmente… Al levantárselo, vio que ese hermoso rostro tenía una cicatriz muy peculiar en la frente.”



Hagamos un trato,  de Mario Benedetti

usted sabe
que puede contar conmigo,
no hasta dos o hasta diez
sino contar conmigo.

Si alguna vez
que la miro a los ojos,
y una veta de amor
reconoce en los míos,
no alerte sus fusiles
ni piense que deliro;
a pesar de la veta,
o tal vez porque existe,
usted puede contar

Si otras veces
me encuentra
huraño sin motivo,
no piense que es flojera
igual puede contar conmigo.

Pero hagamos un trato:
yo quisiera contar con usted,
es tan lindo
saber que usted existe,
uno se siente vivo;
y cuando digo esto
quiero decir contar
aunque sea hasta dos,
aunque sea hasta cinco.

No ya para que acuda
presurosa en mi auxilio,
sino para saber
a ciencia cierta
que usted sabe que puede
contar conmigo.


Extracto de “El diario de Noa”

“Hay muchas formas de quererse, ¿sabes? Pero la suya era total. Un amor puro, increíble, alucinante. Un amor especial como hay pocos. Y ellos lo sabían. Todos los enamorados del mundo creen que su amor es único y distinto, pero el de ellos si lo era. Estaban hechos el uno para el otro, se tenían y deseaban fundirse en uno solo, cuando estaban juntos el tiempo se aceleraba, y cuando estaban separados se hacía eterno. Cada beso, cada caricia, era un puro sentimiento desnudo. Podían pasarse horas mirándose a los ojos y nada más, pero cuando se acariciaban, se besaban… entonces… no hay palabras para describir esa emoción.”


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