All you need to know about bridesmaids

Have you ever thought of having bridesmaids for your wedding but you don’t know exactly how many they should be, how they should dress, and what roles they have?

Read on, because I tell you everything in this post!


The bridesmaids are a group of friends, cousins or sisters who are part of the bridal courtship. At the ceremony they make their entrance before the bride who will arrive accompanied by the best man.

The bride can choose how many bridesmaids will accompany her on her big day. There is no set number. The most important thing is to choose the people she considers closest and special to her.



Bridesmaids can help the bride in choosing her dress, accompanied on the tests and advising.

They are also in charge of organizing the Bachelorette party, but the most important thing is that they will be accompanying the bride on her big day from the preparations to the end.

If there are several bridesmaids, it is always advisable to have one that takes care of coordinating the rest of the group.

During the ceremony they can help the bride to place the veil, and can also help to give the favours to the guests.



The bride usually chooses the dresses of her bridesmaids, but always consulting with them so that they all feel comfortable with the chosen model and color.

It is not necessary that the model is the same for all of them. They can choose the same color and style, but each one will wear the dress cut that suits them best.

You can also give the bridesmaids general instructions to match the style of the wedding and the color palette used.

The same with the hairstyle: you can advise that all wear the hair up or loose, but each one choose the model that she likes.


But the most important thing is that you enjoy the time you will spend with your bridesmaids in the days before the wedding and also during the big day.




5 Original wedding photo booth ideas

If for your wedding you want a corner where your guests can have fun taking pictures, here I leave 5 original wedding photo booth ideas.


It is very important to always keep in mind the theme of your wedding, so that all the elements follow the same line and everything looks more harmonious.


If your wedding has a vintage style, you could create a corner with old suitecases, elements like antiqued wood and bottles with flowers.

You can add an armchair or an old chair and create a pretty  background for the photos of your guests.


photocall estilo vintage



Will your wedding be between nature, in a forest or in a garden? Then, you can create an original photo booth with a vintage van that will also decorate the space and leave your guests speechless.


photocall con furgoneta



If your wedding is more elegant, classic and romantic, you have to give the same touch to the corner of the photo booth. So, sofas, peonies, cushions and candelabra will be the perfect setting for your guests to pose for their photos.


photocall elegante



A bohemian wedding also needs a photo booth according to the theme. So, leave room for your creativity with boho cushions, flowers in vivid colors and wicker chairs!


photocall estilo boho



A simple idea but at the same time very nice and that gives a vintage chic touch to your wedding: antique doors or folding screen aged with a floral detail. Just beautiful!


photocall con biombos


These are just some ideas for an original photo booth for your big day. But you can create different backgrounds in different styles and using a wide variety of objects.

Are you ready to create your special corner for the photo booth?


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How to personalize your ceremony

Who said that a civil or symbolic ceremony cannot be emotive and 100% personalized?


One of the advantages of choosing a civil or symbolic ceremony is that you can personalize the notes as you want.

You can also get married in dreamy places like gardens or historic palaces without being obliged to give the “I do” in a church.

ceremonias civiles

But how can you personalize the ceremony and create a magical and unforgettable atmosphere?


If it is a civil ceremony, it must be officiated by a city councillor or a notary public. But if it is a symbolic ceremony, you can choose a professional wedding officiant or a family member or a friend.

I always like to advise couples to choose someone close and that know their history. But you should always keep in mind that the person you choose likes to speak in public and feels comfortable in their role.

But there is also the option of hiring a professional wedding officiant that together with the couple will personalize the whole ceremony and take care of officiating on their wedding day.

ceremonia civil


Other important elements that will help to personalize your ceremony are the readings and the musics.

You can decide that some of your guests will take part to read some text written by themselves or simply poems or texts that talk about love, relationship, etc.

All these moments can be accompanied by background music chosen by the same couple and that will create an even more magical atmosphere. You can hire trios or string quartets or that the Dj puts the music previously chosen.

The entrance of the groom as well as that of the bride, and then the end can be accompanied by the favorite soundtracks of the couple.


In addition to the moments that can not be missed as the exchange of rings and votes, you can add a ritual that represents your union. It can be the sand ritual or the candles ritual or the handfasting ritual.

ritual de la arena

As you can see there are different ways to personalize your ceremony and remember it as something special, emotional, fun and certainly unforgettable for you and your guests.


PHOTOS BY: Roxanne Turpen / Anna+Mateo / Doncel y Alcoba




Music at weddings, an important element for your big day

Imagine arriving at the altar with your favorite song as background music, or imagine a jazz band entertaining the reception…Without a doubt, music at weddigs is very important so that your big day becomes a unique and personalized event.


It’s very important to choose each piece and to personalize the civil or religious ceremony. Keep in mind what can and cannot be played at religious weddings. While in civil or symbolic ceremonies you have total freedom to choose the pieces that you prefer.

You can also choose with your partner, your favorite music for the entrance to the banquet, the cutting of the cake and the first dance.

If you choose each theme according to your tastes or because that song remembers your first encounter or the first trip together, the day of your wedding will be even more special.

And if you can hire musicians who play live during the ceremony or reception, then success is guaranteed.

la música en las bodas


Before starting dancing and drinking during open bar, I suggest you to surprise your guests with a flamenco show or a juggling performance. Or if you love magic show, you could hire a magician to entertain the guests with his tricks…

There are many ideas to give that original touch to your big day.

la música en las bodas


It’s very important to hire a dj who can take care of music during the open bar, who knows what musical genres to play and pay attention to what liven up the guests and what does not.

Sometimes couples say that with a Spotify list it’s enough for the open bar…It’s the biggest mistake they can make! Imagine that something is wrong with the speakers, or that the list ends, or that the music you chose doesn’t liven up anyone and you have to change it…Who will do all this? The couple? A friend? Do you think it is appropriate that in a moment where you have to dance, laugh and enjoy, you have to worry about music?

The best solution is that a dj pays attention in every moment so you only have to enjoy.

la música en las bodas

Have you started to make a list of favorite songs and find the best professionals for your wedding?

Photos by: Juanan Barros Fotografía / Roxanne Turpen Photography / Kokoro Fotografía



How to choose wedding favours for your guests

Do you want to give your guests some original and different wedding favours?

In this post I give you some ideas to surprise them on your big day.


Favours could also follow the same theme that you have chosen for your wedding. For example, if you love decoration with olive and you will use this element in centerpieces, bridal bouquet, etc. you could give your guests small oil bottles personalized with your names and the wedding date.



Another option would be to choose some favours that represent some of your hobbies or that are related to your work. Think of what you’re most passionate about and leave a favour of you and your partner to your guests.

brujula como detalle de boda


When the couple decides to get married abroad, I love to propose them some typical favours of the place where they have chosen to marry. It’s original, different and something your guests don’t expect.

For example, this summer I planned a wedding for a lovely Italian couple and we prepared some original ceramic coasters, a typical element in Andalucia.

detalles de boda

If you get married in Spain, other good idea is to give your guests a few fans, typical object of this precious land.

There are many ideas to choose unique favours for your guests. You should only think of something that is beautiful or useful, and that leaves a lovely memory of your big day.



How to get married in Spain. Legal and symbolic ceremonies

Many foreign couples choose Spain as destination for their wedding.

The beauty of the historical cities, the sun and good weather, gorgeous beaches and landscapes, invite many couples to plan one of the most important days of their lives,  in this dreamed land.

But can non-national couples get legally married in Spain?

Yes, they can! But it is important to clear up different questions.

There are two ways you can get legally married:

  • CATHOLIC CHURCH CEREMONY. In this case one partner has to be Catholic and neither can be divorced.
  • CIVIL CEREMONY. In this case it is very important to have in mind that the civil registries (Registro Civil) of each region requires different documents and according to which the couple has to meet some requirements (for example one partner in the couple must have the residence in Spain for at least 2 years). It’s advisable to always consult the consulate and the civil registry of the city where you want to get married.

You need several months to prepare and deliver the requested documents for a legal ceremony. So it’s better to start the process as soon as possible.

how to get married in Spain. Legal ceremony and symbolic ceremony

Symbolic Ceremony as the best solution to get married in Spain

There is a third way to get married in Spain, and even if it is not a legally recognized marriage, I think this is the best solution that allows you to avoid any stress that means the process of paperwork: the symbolic ceremony.

What exactly is a symbolic ceremony?

This kind of ceremony has no legal value. It can be officiate by a professional specialised or also by relatives or friends of the couple.

There is a guide note that can be personalized according to the needs of the couple, including the moment of vows, the exchange of wedding rings and some ritual as the sand ceremony,  rose ceremony or candles ceremony.

Cómo casarse en España. Ceremonias legales y simbólicas

Each moment is accompanied by music previously chosen by the couple, including readings from a friend or family member.

Cómo casarse en España. Ceremonia legal y ceremonia simbólica

You can make this ceremony a very emotional, romantic or funny moment. It also depend on the personality of the officiant.

Choosing a symbolic/blessing ceremony, you have the chance to choose the best venues to say “Yes I do”, as a garden full of flowers, a beach, a wood, a castle, etc.

And what kind of ceremony have you chosen?


Photos by: Juanan Barros  /  Anna+Mateo  /  Roxanne Turpen

10 Wedding trends for 2018

All you need to know to get a perfect big day following some of the wedding trends for 2018.


Wedding season is fast approaching so we discover the trends for 2018.

More and more couples choose to have INTIMATE WEDDINGS, with a limited number of guests. With this kind of weddings, couples can choose different venues, out of their country, so they can spend this important moment with closest people. In this way the couple can give more importance to details and also they can reduce the costs of reception and others vendors.

10 Tendencias de boda 2018

In these last years we have seen that OUTDOOR WEDDINGS were at its peak and this year we will also see ceremonies in amazing gardens, forests and beach. But we will also see INDOOR WEDDINGS in industrial venues, museums and libraries.

10 Tendencias de boda 2018

As we know STATIONERY is very important in a wedding, and invitations are their letter of introduction. The last trends that we will see this year are: watercolor and calligraphy.

In these last years we have seen that the use of calligraphy in wedding stationery were increasing and it will be also in 2018. Calligraphy is a style that give an elegant and sophisticated touch to the wedding.

10 Tendencias de boda 2018

If your wedding is romantic, the best choice is watercolor so you can have a delicate invitation.

10 Tendencias de boda 2018

Also this year we will see the use of MACRAMÉ in decoration that will give a boho-chic touch to the outdoor weddings.

10 Tendencias de boda 2018

Last year we saw that in fall and winter weddings VELVET were used in bows for the bridal bouquets or in some accessory as shoes. This element will also be a trend this year giving a sophisticated touch to the weddings.

10 Tendencias de boda 2018

Other elements will be widely used in 2018 are GEODES that will create a magic atmosphere. Seating plan, cakes, wedding favors, will make your wedding in a mystic and charming place.

10 Tendencias de boda 2018

10 Tendencias de boda 2018

The MARBLE will be also another texture that we will see this year and that will give life to modern weddings.

10 Tendencias de boda 2018

BRIDAL BOUQUETS will be the focus of brides look: extra-large, unstructured and foliage bouquets. Anyway, they will stand out of all guests.

10 Tendencias de boda 2018

The PAINTED CAKES will be the protagonist of the sweet moment. Real works of art in which to paint flowers and other decorative elements.

10 Tendencias de boda 2018

The typical Candy bar will be replaced by CAKES TABLES, in which there will be different kinds of cakes.

10 Tendencias de boda 2018

These are only some of the trends that we will see this year. And, did you choose some of these for your big day?


Photos by: Roxanne Turpen Photography / Anna+Mateo / Eloy Muñoz Photography / Pinterest

Magical kids corners at your wedding

When you start planning your wedding, you cannot forget the children, to which you have to attend and pay special attention.

If there is a great number of children, it’s always recommendable to hire an entertainer service so they can help children to eat, and then entertain them with games and activities. So children can have a good time and their parents will also enjoy the party.

First of all you have to create a cheerful, colourful and magic atmosphere.

How to do it? Through table decoration, corners, etc. Here you can find some ideas.

You can decorate the kids tables so that they are attractive for chidren, but they have to always fit with the rest of decoration.

If chidren are younger, a good idea is to put a special kit with coloured pencils and books.

magical kids corners at your wedding

Another idea is to put on the table some little gifts as disposable cameras, bubble blowers, cards games or a flower crown for the little princesses and a feather crown for the boys.

rincones mágicos para los niños en vuestra boda

rincones mágicos para niños en vuestra boda

rincones mágicos para niños en vuestra boda

You can replace flower centerpieces with balloon or simply to give a touch of color with a tablecloth in the same colors of the rest of decoration, colored bows for chairs, etc.

rincones mágicos para niños en vuestra boda

If your wedding is outdoor and with a rustic style, you can replace the typical table with a pallet table decorated with cushions. Children will love to eat as if it were a picnic!

rincones para niños en vuestra boda

If your wedding has a tropical theme, the best way to decorate the kids table is with greenery, flowers, pineapples and flamingos!

rincones mágicos para niños en vuestra boda

rincones para niños en vuestra boda

You can also prepare a special space for them and where they can do activities with their entertainers.

You can do corners with an indian tepee with blankets, cushions, and some toy. It is always advisable that everything has the same palette color and same theme of the rest of decoration. There is a useful tool that helps you to obtain the perfect decoration in your big day and I talk about that in this post.

rincones mágicos para niños en vuestra boda

rincones mágicos para niños en vuestra boda

There are many ideas so you can create a magical atmosphere for children in your wedding.


*Photos by Pinterest.

How to manage your wedding budget

You have decided to get married, you have a date, and now…You have to crunch the numbers!

How much will your wedding cost?

Firstly, it is very important to be clear about budget of your wedding will not be the same as your friends or neighbors. Each wedding is unique and its costs change due to different factors.

The first thing you have to decide is if you want to hire a wedding planner service.

It’s common to think that is a cost that only few people can pay. It’s not true! You have to keep in mind that your wedding planner will get better prices from vendors, and she will always recommend the best professionals based on your tastes and budget. A wedding planner also frees you from the stress to plan a wedding. You can enjoy every moment of planning, and you will always have someone that will be your eyes and your ears, that will solve any unexpected event, and that will always be in contact with all vendors.

There is much more to tell about the advantages of hiring a wedding planner, but we will talk more in another post.

wedding planner service

After deciding whether to hire or not a wedding planner service, it’s important to estimate  the number of guests that will go to your wedding. I suggest to carefully think what kind of wedding you want and if you can pay a wedding with more than 150 guests.

If you cannot assume such a high cost, it’s always better to reduce the number of guests and make an intimate wedding taking care of every detail.

Trust me that you can have your dream wedding and enjoy, also with 30 or 40 guests.

After making a provisional guests list, you can make another list where you put what will be essential in your wedding, the important things, and the unnecessary things. In this way you will be  clear about what you want to spend more and what you can avoid.

Something very important to keep in mind are the unexpected event that can appear in the previous months the wedding. So I recommend you to have a small amount saved for these “surprises”.

To have a control of all expenses, you can prepare an excel table where you write down the costs of your wedding. I usually send an updated table to my customers, with all pending payments and payments made to each vendor.

Are you ready to calculate the budget of your big day?

wedding planner service

Photos by: Anna + Mateo


The bridal shower as an alternative to the hen party

If you don’t like the typical hen party, there is a new trend from USA, the bridal shower, an intimate party between friends, relaxed and full of details.

Despedida de soltera

You can organize a week-end in some country house, where you can enjoy unforgettable moments with your friends. Laughters, picnics, dinners on the terrace, a mojito, gifts, surprises, a beauty session and a massage…

There are many ideas to spend a wonderful day or week-end. You can tell moments lived together and roar with laughter remembering funny stories.

Despedida de soltera

You can decorate the space with a style or thematic that reminds you something special, as a trip, a common hobby, or that reflects simply the personality of the bride, using her favorite color in paper garlands, flowers, tablecloths, cushions, etc.

You can create really nice corners with a Candy bar, or an elegant tea table in true english style.

Despedida de soltera

Despedida de soltera

The bridal shower is a very original idea so that the bride can spend a relaxed and different day with her friends before the big day arrives.

Despedida de soltera


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