Ideas and tips for a Christmas wedding

If you have always dreamed of a wedding in December, in a venue with chimney, lights, candles and a very Christmas decoration, here I give you some ideas and tips for a Christmas wedding.


It would be ideal to make the banquet in some room of an historic mansion or a castle, with big chimneys that can be left on for the occasion, creating a very romantic atmosphere.

Christmas wedding venues



Without a doubt, a Christmas decoration will give the magic touch to the wedding.

A big Christmas tree in some corner of the reception hall, will be a must.

bodas en Navidad

Use elements like moss, candles and garlands of lights. And a color palette that includes shades of marsala and green, will create an unforgettable atmosphere for you and your guests.

bodas en Navidad

bodas en Navidad

Don’t forget to decorate the chimneys!

Garlands of greens and candles will give a spectacular touch to the space.

bodas en Navidad



When choosing the menu, you can ask your caterer to add a typical Christmas dish. And for the snack during the open bar, what better choice than cups of hot chocolate with churros?

bodas en Navidad



A wedding dress with long sleeves and velvet details, are ideal for the Christmas season.

Your bouquet may have velvet ribbons that can go in combination with the colored shoes of the same fabric.

bodas en Navidad


A romantic and fairytale wedding, which will bring together all those important people for you and your partner, in a very special time like Christmas.

Would you like to get married in the magical month of December?


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10 Wedding trends for 2018

All you need to know to get a perfect big day following some of the wedding trends for 2018.


Wedding season is fast approaching so we discover the trends for 2018.

More and more couples choose to have INTIMATE WEDDINGS, with a limited number of guests. With this kind of weddings, couples can choose different venues, out of their country, so they can spend this important moment with closest people. In this way the couple can give more importance to details and also they can reduce the costs of reception and others vendors.

10 Tendencias de boda 2018

In these last years we have seen that OUTDOOR WEDDINGS were at its peak and this year we will also see ceremonies in amazing gardens, forests and beach. But we will also see INDOOR WEDDINGS in industrial venues, museums and libraries.

10 Tendencias de boda 2018

As we know STATIONERY is very important in a wedding, and invitations are their letter of introduction. The last trends that we will see this year are: watercolor and calligraphy.

In these last years we have seen that the use of calligraphy in wedding stationery were increasing and it will be also in 2018. Calligraphy is a style that give an elegant and sophisticated touch to the wedding.

10 Tendencias de boda 2018

If your wedding is romantic, the best choice is watercolor so you can have a delicate invitation.

10 Tendencias de boda 2018

Also this year we will see the use of MACRAMÉ in decoration that will give a boho-chic touch to the outdoor weddings.

10 Tendencias de boda 2018

Last year we saw that in fall and winter weddings VELVET were used in bows for the bridal bouquets or in some accessory as shoes. This element will also be a trend this year giving a sophisticated touch to the weddings.

10 Tendencias de boda 2018

Other elements will be widely used in 2018 are GEODES that will create a magic atmosphere. Seating plan, cakes, wedding favors, will make your wedding in a mystic and charming place.

10 Tendencias de boda 2018

10 Tendencias de boda 2018

The MARBLE will be also another texture that we will see this year and that will give life to modern weddings.

10 Tendencias de boda 2018

BRIDAL BOUQUETS will be the focus of brides look: extra-large, unstructured and foliage bouquets. Anyway, they will stand out of all guests.

10 Tendencias de boda 2018

The PAINTED CAKES will be the protagonist of the sweet moment. Real works of art in which to paint flowers and other decorative elements.

10 Tendencias de boda 2018

The typical Candy bar will be replaced by CAKES TABLES, in which there will be different kinds of cakes.

10 Tendencias de boda 2018

These are only some of the trends that we will see this year. And, did you choose some of these for your big day?


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Magical kids corners at your wedding

When you start planning your wedding, you cannot forget the children, to which you have to attend and pay special attention.

If there is a great number of children, it’s always recommendable to hire an entertainer service so they can help children to eat, and then entertain them with games and activities. So children can have a good time and their parents will also enjoy the party.

First of all you have to create a cheerful, colourful and magic atmosphere.

How to do it? Through table decoration, corners, etc. Here you can find some ideas.

You can decorate the kids tables so that they are attractive for chidren, but they have to always fit with the rest of decoration.

If chidren are younger, a good idea is to put a special kit with coloured pencils and books.

magical kids corners at your wedding

Another idea is to put on the table some little gifts as disposable cameras, bubble blowers, cards games or a flower crown for the little princesses and a feather crown for the boys.

rincones mágicos para los niños en vuestra boda

rincones mágicos para niños en vuestra boda

rincones mágicos para niños en vuestra boda

You can replace flower centerpieces with balloon or simply to give a touch of color with a tablecloth in the same colors of the rest of decoration, colored bows for chairs, etc.

rincones mágicos para niños en vuestra boda

If your wedding is outdoor and with a rustic style, you can replace the typical table with a pallet table decorated with cushions. Children will love to eat as if it were a picnic!

rincones para niños en vuestra boda

If your wedding has a tropical theme, the best way to decorate the kids table is with greenery, flowers, pineapples and flamingos!

rincones mágicos para niños en vuestra boda

rincones para niños en vuestra boda

You can also prepare a special space for them and where they can do activities with their entertainers.

You can do corners with an indian tepee with blankets, cushions, and some toy. It is always advisable that everything has the same palette color and same theme of the rest of decoration. There is a useful tool that helps you to obtain the perfect decoration in your big day and I talk about that in this post.

rincones mágicos para niños en vuestra boda

rincones mágicos para niños en vuestra boda

There are many ideas so you can create a magical atmosphere for children in your wedding.


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The charm of a winter wedding

I admit it! I love a Winter wedding more every day.

It create an original and romantic atmosphere. The elements used for decoration of the ceremony and banquet, and the styling of the bride, make very different weddings.

Imagine a bride with a long sleeve dress, some detail of lace, a velvet ribbon, and covered with a stole or a cape…You feel like getting married right in December, isn’t it?

novia de invierno

novia de invierno

novia de invierno

bodas de invierno

bodas de invierno

Ramo de novia

Ramo de novia

You can also use elegant fabrics in the decoration of ceremony and banquet, and a color palette in earth tones, green, white, wine and marsala colors, and, why not, a touch of black.

A fireplace full of candles and decorated with greenery or flowers, can be the perfect backdrop for a ceremony in a medieval castle or in an old stately mansion.

bodas de invierno

decoración boda de invierno

bodas de invierno

You can use wood tables to create rustic corner for the “sweet moment”, or a banquet decorated without tablecloth and with green garlands with eucalyptus, olive leaves and various candles.

mesas dulces

decoración bodas de invierno

bodas de invierno

decoración bodas de invierno

Branchs, dried leaves, pinecones, and cotton, can replace perfectly the flowers and they create a warm and original feel.

But if you love flowers, there is a new trend this year, that are hanging floral decorations.

bodas de invierno

boda de invierno

And what do you think to put hot chocolate and churros corner, instead of the typical candy bar?

bodas de invierno - rincón de churros

Another benefit to get married in Winter, is that many vendors offer to the couple discounts and sales, so they can save money.

Certainly, a day of december can give life to a unique, elegant and different wedding, that will leave your guests open-mouthed!

bodas de invierno



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Tendencias de boda 2017: ideas originales y diferentes para vuestro gran día


Ya ha empezado la temporada de bodas y como cada año, las tendencias cambian y nuevas ideas llegan pisando fuerte, ofreciendo una variedad de propuestas que crearán bodas originales y diferentes.


Este año hay varios estilos que predominan en la decoración de los espacios para la ceremonia y banquete.

El estilo boho-chic introduce un nuevo elemento que en realidad tod@s conocemos muy bien…El macramé es el protagonista que dará un toque chic a las bodas de esas parejas un poco bohemias y amantes de la naturaleza.

boda boho-chic

Decoración bodas boho-chic

Decoración bodas con macramé


La vuelta a lo natural y minimalista se impone sobre los elementos rústicos y vintage. La sencillez es la palabra clave de este estilo.

Decoración minimalista

Boda estilo minimalista

Para los enamorados de los colores fuertes, estampados, flores y naturaleza, y que quieren ofrecer a sus invitados un viaje entre color, alegría, fiesta, playa y un buen mojito, pueden optar por una decoración tropical utilizando, en la elección de flores y manteles, colores anaranjados, verde, fucsia, azul y amarillo. Los cactus son los nuevos centros de mesa y rincones especiales como una estación de mojitos sin duda volverá locos a los invitados.

Decoración bodas

bodas estilo tropicalboda estilo tropical

Cuando empezamos a diseñar y planear la decoración del espacio, uno de los primeros pasos es la elección de la paleta de colores, que por supuesto tiene que ir acorde al estilo que queremos darle a nuestra boda.

El 2017 es el año del Greenery un verde que recuerda la naturaleza y que permite crear ambientes elegantes. El greenery además se puede combinar con diferentes colores y texturas como la madera o el blanco de los clásicos manteles.

Bouquet novia

Centros de mesa


Otra tendencia 2017 son sin duda alguna los colores vivos, como fucsia, amarillo, naranja, verde, azul…Tonos que evocan la cultura de México o las calles de Cuba. Una explosión de colores que hace de vuestra boda una auténtica fiesta.

decoración de mesa estilo tropical


El dorado vuelve con fuerza y combinado con el clásico blanco crea un estilo elegante y que nunca pasa de moda. Pero también puede combinarse con tonos pastel para dar un toque romántico, o con el negro creando un efecto llamativo y atrevido.

tartas en doradoBodas tonos dorados


También en las mesas podemos ver una decoración que huye de lo convencional para dejar paso a la mezcla de piezas diferentes, colores vivos, manteles estampados, madera y centros de flores o plantas que dan un toque desenfadado a la boda.

decoración de mesas


La decoración de flores que cuelgan del techo es otro must de las bodas 2017.

decoración de bodas


Y en cuanto a iluminación, las velas no dejan de ser las protagonistas dando un toque romántico al espacio. Pero no se quedan atrás las bombillas desnudas, ideales para las bodas al aire libre.

decoración bodas




Se impone cada vez más el formato del cóctel en lugar del clásico menú, donde los novios optan por un buffet con diferentes puestos de comida y showcooking o cocina en directo, que crean un ambiente informal y que facilita la interacción entre los invitados.

Puestos de comida

Otra tendencia de este año son sin duda los foodtrucks, caravanas y furgonetas que ofrecen una forma diferente de invitar a los comensales a probar cócteles, crepes, helados, hamburguesas, etc.

Caravanas para bodas



También en 2017 sigue difundiéndose la tendencia americana de las naked cakes o tartas desnudas, que se caracterizan por su sencillez y un toque campestre para esas bodas desenfadadas e informales.

Tartas desnudas


Las parejas que eligen un estilo más clásico y elegante, pueden optar por tartas nupciales con flores que pueden ser de fondant o flores naturales.

Tartas nupciales


Cada vez más de moda son las drip cakes y las tartas estilo geoda, ambas con un acabado llamativo y original.

Tartas nupciales

tarta nupcial


Como podéis ver, muchas son las ideas para crear una boda única y original, pero no olvidéis que cada boda tiene que reflejar vuestra personalidad y vuestra historia, para que todos puedan vivir con vosotros ese momento tan especial en un entorno ideal.

Si necesitáis ayuda para crear la boda de vuestros sueños, no dudéis en contactar conmigo vía mail ( o llamando al 675 15 03 63.

Muchos besos!



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