How to personalize your ceremony

Who said that a civil or symbolic ceremony cannot be emotive and 100% personalized?


One of the advantages of choosing a civil or symbolic ceremony is that you can personalize the notes as you want.

You can also get married in dreamy places like gardens or historic palaces without being obliged to give the “I do” in a church.

ceremonias civiles

But how can you personalize the ceremony and create a magical and unforgettable atmosphere?


If it is a civil ceremony, it must be officiated by a city councillor or a notary public. But if it is a symbolic ceremony, you can choose a professional wedding officiant or a family member or a friend.

I always like to advise couples to choose someone close and that know their history. But you should always keep in mind that the person you choose likes to speak in public and feels comfortable in their role.

But there is also the option of hiring a professional wedding officiant that together with the couple will personalize the whole ceremony and take care of officiating on their wedding day.

ceremonia civil


Other important elements that will help to personalize your ceremony are the readings and the musics.

You can decide that some of your guests will take part to read some text written by themselves or simply poems or texts that talk about love, relationship, etc.

All these moments can be accompanied by background music chosen by the same couple and that will create an even more magical atmosphere. You can hire trios or string quartets or that the Dj puts the music previously chosen.

The entrance of the groom as well as that of the bride, and then the end can be accompanied by the favorite soundtracks of the couple.


In addition to the moments that can not be missed as the exchange of rings and votes, you can add a ritual that represents your union. It can be the sand ritual or the candles ritual or the handfasting ritual.

ritual de la arena

As you can see there are different ways to personalize your ceremony and remember it as something special, emotional, fun and certainly unforgettable for you and your guests.


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How to get married in Spain. Legal and symbolic ceremonies

Many foreign couples choose Spain as destination for their wedding.

The beauty of the historical cities, the sun and good weather, gorgeous beaches and landscapes, invite many couples to plan one of the most important days of their lives,  in this dreamed land.

But can non-national couples get legally married in Spain?

Yes, they can! But it is important to clear up different questions.

There are two ways you can get legally married:

  • CATHOLIC CHURCH CEREMONY. In this case one partner has to be Catholic and neither can be divorced.
  • CIVIL CEREMONY. In this case it is very important to have in mind that the civil registries (Registro Civil) of each region requires different documents and according to which the couple has to meet some requirements (for example one partner in the couple must have the residence in Spain for at least 2 years). It’s advisable to always consult the consulate and the civil registry of the city where you want to get married.

You need several months to prepare and deliver the requested documents for a legal ceremony. So it’s better to start the process as soon as possible.

how to get married in Spain. Legal ceremony and symbolic ceremony

Symbolic Ceremony as the best solution to get married in Spain

There is a third way to get married in Spain, and even if it is not a legally recognized marriage, I think this is the best solution that allows you to avoid any stress that means the process of paperwork: the symbolic ceremony.

What exactly is a symbolic ceremony?

This kind of ceremony has no legal value. It can be officiate by a professional specialised or also by relatives or friends of the couple.

There is a guide note that can be personalized according to the needs of the couple, including the moment of vows, the exchange of wedding rings and some ritual as the sand ceremony,  rose ceremony or candles ceremony.

Cómo casarse en España. Ceremonias legales y simbólicas

Each moment is accompanied by music previously chosen by the couple, including readings from a friend or family member.

Cómo casarse en España. Ceremonia legal y ceremonia simbólica

You can make this ceremony a very emotional, romantic or funny moment. It also depend on the personality of the officiant.

Choosing a symbolic/blessing ceremony, you have the chance to choose the best venues to say “Yes I do”, as a garden full of flowers, a beach, a wood, a castle, etc.

And what kind of ceremony have you chosen?


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The Wedding Day Coordination to get the perfect big day

There are couples that plan their wedding without the help of a professional of the wedding industry, but when the date of the wedding is close, they need to hire a wedding planner for the wedding day coordination, so they can enjoy their day with the calm that everything will turn out right.

But, what is exactly the wedding day coordination service?

The work of coordination of the wedding planner starts around  3  weeks before the wedding, when she makes contact with all vendors and check all their works, time of arrival, and any other detail that she has to keep in mind so that the day of the wedding all will go well.

Then she prepares a timing of the day in which there are the times of vendors, reminders, times of ceremony and banquet, surprises, music, etc.

A week before she has to confirm the number of the guests and final seating plan.

Sometimes the wedding planner coordinate the ceremony (when it is a civil or symbolic ceremony), through a guide notes prepared previously with the couple and officiant, and where there are the main moments, rituals, musics, etc.

coordinación día B

The previous hours of the ceremony, the wedding planner supervises the ceremony and banquet places, the decoration and the works of all vendors.

During the reception, she coordinates all the planned activities, and she stays until after the first dance so that all turn out well.

Bodas en Granada y Málaga

The wedding day coordination service is perfect for all that couples that want to be free of anxiety and worries of the big day, and that they only want to enjoy a unique and special moment: their wedding.

Bodas en Granada y Málaga


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