Elopement in Scotland: a ceremony full of tradition

If you dream of a romantic intimate wedding in the magical Scottish Highlands, you can think about personalizing your day and making your elopement in Scotland even more special with a ceremony full of tradition.

elopement in Scotland ceremony full of tradition

As you know, Scotland is a land of magic, legends and a lot of history. So there are a lot of traditions about weddings as well.

But today we are going to talk about some that I find very beautiful and that can be included in your elopement.


Of course, we couldn’t miss this tradition!

At Scottish weddings, the groom and his guests usually wear this country’s traditional costume, the kilt. So why not be encouraged to wear this historic costume for your intimate ceremony?

This costume includes several elements:

  • The kilt that is the skirt and without a doubt the most striking thing about the costume. It is made of tartan, which is the very characteristic square fabric of Scotland.
  • Sporran: a leather bag that hangs from the waist.
  • Kilt hose: they’re wool socks that go below the knee.
  • Ghillie brogues: they are leather shoes and are usually almost always black.

The rest of the elements are: shirt, blazer, belt, tie or bow tie and jacket.


White heather is considered a symbol of good luck for the bride and groom. Legend says that the Princess Malvina fell in love with a warrior, and that when her beloved died in battle, the princess was shattered. When her tears fell on a bouquet of violet heather left by the messenger, the flowers became white. Then the princess declared that from that moment the white heather, a symbol of her pain, was of good luck to all who found it.

Currently a heather bouquet is usually used in the bride’s hairstyle, or in her bouquet or in the decoration of the wedding…

So it would be a good idea to include it in the design of your bouquet, as it is also a very beautiful and delicate flower.


Can you imagine a ceremony overlooking one of Scotland’s deep valleys, wrapped in beautiful green and accompanied by the music of a bagpipe?

What better way to liven up the most important moments of your intimate ceremony than with traditional Scottish music!

elopement in Scotland ceremony full of tradition


The Handfasting ritual is an ancient Celtic rite in which couples join their hands with ties as a symbol of eternity.

The ritual consists in tying the intertwined hands of the bride and groom, making an eight, which is the symbol of infinity.

You can use multi-colored or tartan ties. But also the color chosen for the ties has its symbolism: for example, green is a symbol of fertility, fortune and health. Pink symbolizes love, unity and happiness. Each color has its meaning and there are couples who even choose ties of various colors that represent the life they want to live together.

In your elopement in Scotland you cannot miss this ritual with a lot of symbolism and very emotional.

elopement in Scotland ceremony full of tradition

These are just some of the Scottish wedding traditions, but it would be nice to include them in your ceremony to make your elopement in Scotland even more special.

If you are interested in organizing an elopement in this magical land, we will make your dream come true, and our friends Angela & J.R.from Excursiones desde Inverness will organize the best tours to discover Scotland.

Do you dare?



Elopement in Scotland

The charm of a winter wedding

I admit it! I love a Winter wedding more every day.

It create an original and romantic atmosphere. The elements used for decoration of the ceremony and banquet, and the styling of the bride, make very different weddings.

Imagine a bride with a long sleeve dress, some detail of lace, a velvet ribbon, and covered with a stole or a cape…You feel like getting married right in December, isn’t it?

novia de invierno

novia de invierno

novia de invierno

bodas de invierno

bodas de invierno

Ramo de novia

Ramo de novia

You can also use elegant fabrics in the decoration of ceremony and banquet, and a color palette in earth tones, green, white, wine and marsala colors, and, why not, a touch of black.

A fireplace full of candles and decorated with greenery or flowers, can be the perfect backdrop for a ceremony in a medieval castle or in an old stately mansion.

bodas de invierno

decoración boda de invierno

bodas de invierno

You can use wood tables to create rustic corner for the “sweet moment”, or a banquet decorated without tablecloth and with green garlands with eucalyptus, olive leaves and various candles.

mesas dulces

decoración bodas de invierno

bodas de invierno

decoración bodas de invierno

Branchs, dried leaves, pinecones, and cotton, can replace perfectly the flowers and they create a warm and original feel.

But if you love flowers, there is a new trend this year, that are hanging floral decorations.

bodas de invierno

boda de invierno

And what do you think to put hot chocolate and churros corner, instead of the typical candy bar?

bodas de invierno - rincón de churros

Another benefit to get married in Winter, is that many vendors offer to the couple discounts and sales, so they can save money.

Certainly, a day of december can give life to a unique, elegant and different wedding, that will leave your guests open-mouthed!

bodas de invierno



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